Our Contract Manufacturing processes

ACU offers a variety of Contract Manufacturing processes and an all-round service for your outsourcing decision.

Our range of services includes the following Contract Manufacturing processes:

  • Micronization*
  • Milling*
  • Cryogenic Grinding*
  • Mixing*
  • Coating with oil*
  • Sieving
  • Homogenizing

* These processes can be optionally operated under inert gas (nitrogen).

In our facilities we can offer multi-stage combined processes, such as:

  • Preliminary crushing – Mixing – Milling – Packaging
  • Milling – Sieving – Packaging
  • Mixing – Milling – Coating with oil – Packaging
  • Preliminary crushing – Mixing – Milling – Coating with oil – Packaging

Our core competence is ultra-fine milling up to 2 µm.

In dependence on the milling material we can implement the grinding process with compressed air or inert (protective gas atmosphere). In addition to that we offer Cryogenic Milling by which the milling is performed by adding liquid nitrogen.