Pin Mill for cryogenic milling

Cryogenic Milling with the Pin Mill GSM 250

The Pin Mill GSM 250 is a cryogenic grinding system of the highest quality. The milling plant is made of stainless steel. This also applies to the other system periphery such as the cooling screw conveyor, the filter, etc.

Features of the Pulverizing Mill:

  • Small particle sizes of up to 20 ┬Ám (microns) achievable
  • Grinding of hygroscopic materials by means of gas loop operation with inert gas (nitrogen)
  • Cryogenic grinding: By using liquid nitrogen viscoelastic materials can be grinded
  • The plant is suitable for smooth fine grinding of critical substances which tend to adhere to surfaces or caking/ adhesion
  • Various Mill Pins can be used depending on the requirement

By reducing the loss of essential oils with cryogenic grinding an improvement of the flavour can be achieved, in comparison to milling at normal temperature.

Application areas for Cold Grinding:

The following product groups can be milled on our Pin Mill for cryogenic grinding:

  • Spices and vegetables, dried
  • Food additives
  • Minerals
  • Plastic powder for the manufacture of food package
  • Viscoplastic products that require embrittling with liquid nitrogen, e.g. plastics and elastomers
  • Hygroscopic materials