Milling and Fine Grinding on high-quality pulverizing mills

Milling or Fine Grinding is a process to reduce particles by physical force. There are various methods for energy input ranging from mechanical processing through to Air Jet milling.

By milling certain properties of solids, such as bulk density, flowability, miscibility, ability of wetting, filterability or manner of reaction can be influenced.

Purposes of size reduction of solids:

  • Certain particle size distributions and particle shapes can be achieved
  • Enlargement of the specific surface
  • Physical and chemical substance changes
  • Improvement of dispersion behaviour in suspensions
  • Improvement of sensor technology
  • Improvement of texture
  • Improvement of viscosity of creams, gels and lotions
  • Better, controlled dissolution behaviour
  • Potential increase in bio-availability

The following plants are available for milling:

  • Turbo Mill
  • Turbo Mill equipped as a Laboratory Mill
  • Hammer Mills
  • Pin Mill