Micronization and Ultra-fine milling

Micronization, Ultra-fine milling is a process to significantly reduce particles by milling. The micronized powders thus produced are used in many industrial fields. Thus the usual particle sizes from 100 µm to 1.000 µm are being reduced to a range of 2 µm to 200 µm.

For certain applications a narrow particle size distribution is required, which can be achieved by micronization on our plants.

An oil-free generation of compressed air prevents contaminants in the milling process and thus be entered into the product. An important advantage of ACU is that the compressed air line network is made of stainless steel and thus creates the basis for a safe production.

Our facilities for micronization:

The following facilities are available for micronization at ACU:

  • Fluidised Bed Opposed Jet Mills/ Air Jet Mills/ Jet Mills
  • Classifier Mill
  • Pin Mill

We offer a wide range of different types of plants and special grinding plants that can be used in circulated gas operation or cryogenic (grinding in an inert gas).

Fields of application for micronization:

  • Food
  • Powdered instant drinks
  • Plastics
  • Additives
  • Pharmaceutical excipients